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Setelah ini, apa?

Foto di atas adalah seorang kakek yang mengantre oksigen pada Juni 2021.  Puncak kasus Omicron digabung dengan kecemasan bersama yang dialami orang-orang sedunia, jadilah: Breakdown moment.  Thinking back on earlier time when July 2021 marked as the most breakdown moment for me to report about the peak of Omicron cases in Jakarta.  Since March 2020, everything looks hazy. We did everything to keep (or to be) alive.  And that sounds crazy when we remembering what kind of wacky acts we did to minimized the risks.  And I put a trust on hand sanitizer rather than the minister who speaks, because from what we learn trough dark momentum since 2020, I think government has failed in term of communicate with its people eventhough they have all resources to do so.  Every country is on a race to handle this global pandemic, some have done what they were supposed to do, and some of them get a bumpy road, we can (finally) get rid of it, in a time when most of countries except China have